February 26, 2021

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How to join 

We are happy to inform you that you qualify to join this platform. We want to raise as many people as possible who are willing to Seek, Preach and Demonstrate God with us. The fact that you have read this means that God knows you and that we are praying for you. We believe that you love soul winning and you are born again.

What we need now

The platform needs a lot of stuff but the following are quite urgent:

A training or missionary center for equipping the team with the much needed training for effective soul winning. This will also serve as our Platform Office.

Sound system for in-door and open air crusades where we get to meet face-to-face with God’s people and directly share the Good News

A stage or platform for open air crusades

A van and two pick-ups double cabin vehicles for transporting the missionaries and the equipment to the mission ground.

How about if you don’t have the time or it is impossible for you to join us?

If you are in this category, we have three humble requests to you;

You can commit yourself to pray for the Platform as much as you can.

You can speak about this platform with your friends and family.

You can commit to make a regular donation of any amount to this platform as the Lord leads you.

How it works 

This PLATFORM does not operate as a church/ministry and does not interfere with your church/ministry schedule. We simply organize missions to reach out to the lost souls. The missions are organized once in a while so you will always have time for your church. However when mission time comes, we get a very busy schedule to follow and sometimes we ask and expect a lot from the team. You may be assigned tasks you have never tried out in a very short time. The grace and the anointing to accomplish too much too soon is always available. As we prepare for missions, we may organize retreats to quiet places to pray, meditate and reflect on our plans. Retreating also gives us an opportunity to talk to God. It gives us access to the secret place of the Most High wherein we abide in the shadow of the Almighty God! (Psalms 91).

Our request to you

It is our humble request to you to step onto the PLATFORM so we can together win more souls to Christ. Come let us Seek, Preach and Demonstrate God to this world. What we guarantee you is that when you step on the platform, you get to walk in the same anointing upon our life. It is an anointing full of faith, wisdom and miracles. It is a demonstrable anointing.

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