February 26, 2021



Towards the end of 2018, we drew the roadmap to 2019 and indicated that we shall spend as long as it will take to traverse the whole of Tororo district in eastern Uganda while preaching from village to village until we share the gospel with everyone in that part of Uganda.


Our approach will be three fold; first and foremost, we shall start by training the preachers.  It is an open secret that most preachers among balokole (born agains) are not trained. Yes, they are called to win souls but they don’t know exactly how souls are won to Christ. They have a lot of passion and zeal but with limited knowledge. On the Healing Preachers’ Platform, we have preachers who are not only called but also know exactly what to do to win souls. For those who attend the prayer retreats we organise, we conducted and still conduct such trainings and the results are impressive. We intend to continue with these trainings on a regular basis.

After training the preachers, we commission them to go out there and preach the gospel. Those who will commit themselves to the assignment God has given the Preachers’ Platform to preach the gospel in every village in Tororo district, we shall head to Tororo and rotate there until we reach every soul in every village!


We take on some of the methods used by the early church both in the Acts of the Apostles and the early evangelical movement in East Africa, so as to reach out to the entire district. In the 1990s, the gospel was preached from village to village. In some villages like those in Sironko district, they were occasionally invaded by Kenyan preachers who would storm the village equipped with drums (engoma), a guitar (at best) and a very loud, thunderous and continuous hand clap. They never advertised at all but whenever they reached the village, their unusual actions attracted a crowd.  They didn’t invite people to the crusade; instead they brought the crusade to peoples compounds. We often witnessed many give their lives to Christ in those village meetings convened by village heads whenever the Kenyans evaded. Some of us walked forward to give our lives to Christ as well and we have never turned back. In our opinion, that method was very effective.  Those preachers walked from village to village and took the gospel to the people in their homes.

Today, many things have changed but honestly, the village set up is largely still the same. People in rural Uganda still live communally as one big family.


God called us into ministry in 2009 at Makerere University. The Lord simply told us that “NOW TAKE MY POWER AND MY PRESENCE OUT.” While wondering what to do, He referred us to “Mathew 28:19-20.” That means this year marks exactly 10 years of continuous soul winning. We have indeed taken God’s presence and power OUT.

As we were thinking of what to do as we commemorate the 10 years milestone in our preaching life, the memory of the village to village abrupt missions became so fresh in our spirit. The Top management of the Healing Preachers’ Platform adopted this strategy. To this end, we have missions to Tororo district which act as a launch of this unprecedented soul winning campaign in all districts in Uganda and world over.

How to Preach


The Advance Team led by Wilbrod always goes ahead and notify the local pastors in the villages and the LC1 (Local Council 1) chairperson about our planned ministry in that village.

After notification and preparation, the Mission Team led by Stephen invades the village on a certain evening. They mobilise for a very simple sound system and at least 3 pick-up trucks. They load that sound on each truck including a keyboard.  Each truck has a praise and worship leader and other preachers. By this time, Stephen has already identified the villages to invade that day. Each truck loaded with basic sound and preachers takes predetermined directions and move village to village and garden to garden.

On reaching a village centre, the team switches on the generator and start praising the Lord and later on start preaching. While the preacher is ministering, the other members moving from shop to shop or house to house ministering to those who may not have paid attention to the preacher. The team is welcomed by a local pastor and those who give their lives to Christ are handed over to that pastor or pastors.

After the Mission Team has finished its work, the Follow-Up Team led by Joseph arrives in the village a few days later to follow up on all those who gave their lives to Christ. Their work is to ensure that those people actually go to church and start discipleship classes at a convenient time and place. The Follow-up Team visits families and helps them learn to pray and fellowship together. This team spends longer time in the villages.

This strategy will always continue to be done slowly and steadily until we cover the entire district. We hope this takes one calendar year but if it doesn’t, then we shall take as much time as it will require for us to reach every soul in every village. On the 20th of September 2019, we hope to hold another big crusade to mark 10 years of soul winning then launch into the 11th year.

Throughout the work of the Teams above, the Media Team led by Isaac defines the communication strategy of the Platform. The Media Team endeavors to promptly communicate at every stage so that the rest of the Platform members and our partners are fully in the know of what God is doing.

How our strategy works


Pray for this great commission

Enroll for the basic training in evangelism

Be part of any of the 4 Teams

Commit to financially support this great commission. We hope to spend only 2 million shillings (approximately $500) in every invasion.

That is the detailed road map of what we planned and are doing in Tororo Invasion 2019. We are challenged to recruit as many members as possible because the Invasion of TORORO is indeed the Great Commission our Lord Jesus was talking about in Mathew 28:19-20.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.”

Our message to Tororo is very simple and clear: Yesu Alokola era Awonya (Jesus Saves and Heals)!


What you can do

What you may have missed