February 26, 2021

About Us

In 2017, we as a team had time to think deeply and widely about what we had been doing and how we had been doing it. Then it dawned on us that as a ministry, we had been in the evangelic ministry for 9 years (since 2007). What a journey this has been!

The platform’s missionary journey started with the Director who is also the vision bearer in his senior six (S.6) vacation from Sironko district in Eastern Uganda where he is born. He started reading the word of God, fasting and preaching door-door in his village and in a space of less than six months, most families had been reached with the message of the cross. He witnessed the old people abandon their religions and embrace salvation; in other words they started a relationship with Jesus Christ. Some of them would do so with their entire family. The Director together with his team witnessed the migration of witches to other villages because their power could no longer work; the power of the cross was littered all over the village.

Later on, the Director joined Makerere University and the fire of evangelism and the passion for lost souls was further kindled in his spirit. He then teamed up with many friends and ministries and together, we have preached the gospel to thousands of people.

While at university, he started a Christian fellowship called The Healing Fellowship. Through this fellowship, we have seen a number of people learn to lead Christian ministries, learn to pray, fundraise, and start their own ministries. We are proud to say that after serving in the fellowship, many have been blessed of the Lord.

Over the years, we have preached the gospel in many parts of Uganda. We have also preached the same gospel in Kenya and recently also ministered in the United Kingdom (Liverpool) through the Director. We can confidently say that we have reached thousands of people through direct contact in churches, open air crusades, radio and social media.

We have also witnessed notable miracles during our meetings; we have seen the crippled walk, the blind see, the deaf and mute hear, the sick healed, the demon possessed delivered, the hopeless given hope, the hungry fed, the curses broken, bad habits dropped, and many more amazing testimonies all of which have happened after we simply pray.

We are happy to see people we met some years back now matured into men and women of God. Now they do what we do and even better than we do. We bless the Lord for that blessing.

Importance of a Platform

I want to highlight the importance of a Platform.

  • It helps you to showcase what you have
  • Gives you an opportunity to see more, better and far
  • Helps you to be careful how you speak and behave because people see you.
  • You can easily demonstrate what you have and people will follow
  • It can make or break you
  • Above all a platform lifts your level. You speak from above. It puts you above some circumstances, people, among others.

So, we concluded that a platform is all you need to grow yourself spiritually but also win many to God. We see a platform as an opportunity to minister and serve God.

That’s why and how the Healing Preachers Platform comes on board. It’s a platform for soul winning, raising preachers/ministers, mentoring and coaching servants of God. It’s a platform for Seeking, Preaching and Demonstrating God.

Note from the Director:

I am also very happy and proud to mention that I met my wife Janet through the gospel. I got to know see and speak to her for the very first time in 2012 when I joined her team for an outreach activity in Mbale town. We wedded on 9th Dec 2017 and we are having a good time together.

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