April 20, 2021

Welcome to the home of preachers! Are you passionate about preaching the gospel in a simple way but don’t know how to do so, then look no further than The Healing Preachers Platform alias HPP where preachers are made.


“A world transformed by transformed preachers”

At The Healing Preachers Platform, we strongly believe in an ‘Inside-out’ approach to preaching the gospel. We concentrate on equipping and creating a marked change in the life of the preacher through the ministry of the word of God and the Holy Spirit, then give them a platform to creat the same change in their family, church, community and ultimately the entire world. Our mandate is derived from Mathew 28:19-20


Sharing a powerful gospel in a simple way

We believe that sometimes preachers tend to complicate the gospel and hence make it difficult for people to understand and receive it. We confidently believe that salvation is quite simple and just requires one to by faith receive and commit themselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. John 3:16-18 exemplifies this notion. So the HPP comes in to simply buy not dilute the message in the word of God.

The main objectives of the HPP are to;
1. Train preachers in Evangelism guided by the counsel of the word of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit;
2. Simplify the gospel without diluting the message for both the preachers and the listeners;
3. Act as a stepping stone for preachers to launch into their callings; and
4. Be a platform where preachers seek, preach and demonstrate God.


1. Love (for God and people);
2. Respect (for self and others);
3. Commitment (to God’s word and the Platform);
4. Prayerfulness;
5. Honesty; and
6. Simplicity

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